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Keep the Edge With Professional Knife Sharpening Services

Thereís an important reason businesses and homes alike benefit from professional knife sharpening: Sharp blades are inherently safer. A sharp blade makes slicing almost effortless. Since you donít have to force it through the product, there is less risk the blade will slip and inflict an injury. Plus, a sharp blade reduces repetitive motion injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, because it slices on the first cut.

In addition to increasing safety, sharp blades enhance the look and longevity of sliced food. Dull blades unnecessarily bruise delicate fruits and vegetables during the cutting process, which reduces both their appearance and shelf life. Sharp blades, on the other hand, produce a more appealing and longer lived end product.

Even if all of your knives and other kitchen utensils are sharp now, eventually they will need to be re-sharpened. The frequency for re-sharpening depends on the quality of the blade, the way it is used, the type of product being cut, and how well it is cared for, cleaned, and stored. When a high-quality sharpening steel or honing device will not restore the bladeís edge to a smooth cutting tool, professional knife sharpening is necessary.

During an improper sharpening, blades can be damaged by excessive heating and abrasion. This reduces the strength, lifespan, and appearance of the blade, as well as its overall cutting abilities. To maintain the shape and balance of the knife, itís important to remove as little edge material as possible during sharpening. All true knife sharpening techniques physically remove some amount of material from the knife blade. But the expert craftsmen at Diamond Sharp go to great lengths to keep that to a minimum and restore each bladeís edge to optimal cutting ability and life span.

Diamond Sharp, a California-based knife sharpening and knife exchange company, offers premier sharpening services to customers throughout America. Through the diligent efforts of our expert craftsmen, your knives and other kitchen tools will be up to any culinary challenge. For added convenience, Diamond Sharp also offers knife sharpening by mail.

Diamond Sharp employs many types of specialized professional-grade sharpening machines, abrasives, and polishes to perfectly match the sharpening necessary for your type of knives and blades. All knives are hand-sharpened by team of expert craftsmen. Since no two blades are alike, it takes an expert eye and sense of touch to craft the optimal edge. Thatís why we never rely on automation or robots to perform this delicate and highly specialized task. With such personalized attention and mail in knife sharpening services, you always can count on Diamond Sharp to keep your kitchen cutlery and other tools on the cutting edge.