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Diamond Sharp is the premier provider of cutlery exchange services in California. We currently service over 6500 restaurants, grocery stores, catering companies, institutional, and food and meat processing customers throughout the State.

How it Works

Cutlery exchange Service works in much the same way as a linen service works. The customers choose the number and style of knife or tool needed for their food preparation operation. Diamond Sharp assembles two custom sets of cutlery based on the customerís needs.
Every week or two, depending on the customerís needs, a friendly Diamond Sharp delivery person brings the newly sharpened set of knives to the customer location, and exchanges them for the dull set. The dull set is brought back to one of our full-service sharpening facilities for resharpening in readiness for the next delivery.
Styles of Sharpening

Diamond Sharp provides a number of different styles of sharpening to suit the customerís needs and desires including:

Diamond Level Hollow Ground Sharpening (Standard):

Premium Level Hand-Edged and Finish Sharpening:

Ultra Level Hand-Sharpened and Mirror Polished:

Knife Exchange Service